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WBFC is compling a weekly video series on fly tying.  Here, you will find a variety of "fly tying video's" showing you step by step how to put each fly together, along with tips on how and where to fish them.  Each, high quality video also has a list of ingredients or pattern index at the end of each segement.  You can purchase the ingredients on each video page and we will ship it to you where ever you are in the world.

We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy the series.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Worley Bugger Fly Co. ships our high quality fly fishing and tying products daily using USPS Priority Mail or UPS.  Your parcel will be delivered directly to your post box or home for as little as $9.95 per shipment.

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WBFC Video Series
Custom WBFC Pro-Staff Fly Patterns
Craft Fur Dolly Llama-Steve Worley-Worley Bugger Fly Co
Jughead Cranefly Larva-Steve Worley
Grape Ape-Attractor Fly Pattern
Irish Stacked Wing Caddis-Worley Bugger Fly Co
BH Jig Biot Stonefly Nymph-Skwala Version
Clark's Lady Stone Skwala-Steve Worley
Ham Sandwich-Pike Muskie Predator Fly
3-Stage Mayfly Adult March Brown
RiverBorn Crane-Steve Worley-WBFC
3-Stage Mayfly Cripple-Steve Worley
3-Stage May-The Emerger
Frank's Big Hole Bugger-Steve Worley-WBFC
Conehead Madonna-Steve Worley-WBFC
Clarks Stone Variant-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
The Replicant Summer Shortwing Stonefly
Fortune Cookie-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Fast Water Haze-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Renegade-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Arianna's Stonefly Nymph-Worley Bugger Fly Co
Foam Head Goldenstone-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
The Balanced Leech-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Parachute Pale Morning Dun-PMD-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
LP Mayfly Nymph-Worley Bugger Fly Co
Arianna Golden Stone-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Craft Fur Minnow-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
X-Caddis-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Billfold Mayfly Emerger-March Brown-Worley Bugger Fly Co
Dragline-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Fat Albert-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Iron Lotus Variant-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
CDC Deer Hair Caddis Emerger-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Bullethead Skwala Stonefly-Aron Larsen-WBFC
The CDC March Brown Emerger-Aron Larsen
Making & Mixing Dubbing Part II With Timbo Irish
Making & Mixing Dubbing With Timbo Irish
Jig Tung Teaser-Matt Moffatt-Worley Bugger Fly Co.
Bullet Head Poly Wing Skwala-Steve Worley-WBFC
Sink It Fast Wormie-Aron Larsen-WBFC
Water Walker Skwala
Rainbow Warrior-Aron Larsen
Eye Lash Minnow-Matt Moffatt-WBFC
War Pig Skwala-Aron Larsen-WBFC
Rolling Stone-Steve Worley-WBFC
Cam's Skwalla Stonefly Adult
The Dolly Llama Streamer Pattern-Dom Singh-WBFC
Tactical Prince Nymph
Moal Leech Variant Flesh Fly-Matt Moffatt
Faze II Alvein Fly Pattern
The Drop Desend Hare's Ear Jig Nymph
Simple Smolt
Death Metal Intruder-Dom Singh
Indestructible Yak Stone-Dom Singh
Autumn Candy October Caddis-Steve Worley Worley Bugger Fly Co
The Purple Pak Variant Cripple
Orange Crush October Caddis
The Squat Cobbler Summer Stonefly
Peeking Caddis Pupa-Dom Singh-
Urchin Bugger JJ
Fool Proof Sculpin-Matt Moffatt-Worley Bugger Fly Co
The Unreal Summer Stonefly Pattern-Steve Worley
Headhunter October Caddis
Zoo Cougar Variant
Gypsy King Variant-Aron Larsen 
Baiter Stonefly Nymph-
509-Intruder Streamer
Ironside Girdle Bug Jig-Stonefly Nymph
The San Juan Power Worm
Bow River Bugger Hybrid
Bush Master-Dom Singh-Worley Bugger Fly Co
Bass Donkey-Popper Bass Fly
Hi-Vis Beetle
Material Foam Hopper-Dom Singh
Soldier Of Fortune Green Drake
      The Pink Pookie Dry Fly Attractor
The Foam Quigley Cripple Mayfly Pattern
Parachute Madam X-Royal
The Yak Stone-Steve Worley
Simi-Seal Squirrel Leech
The Patriot-Dry Attractor
The Meat & Taters CDC PT    
Supped Up Clouser Minnow
The Quarantine Craw
JJ Poppin' Bugger Bass Popper-Steve Worley-Worley Bugger Fly Co
The Road Flare Streamer-Matt Moffatt-WBFC
Sparkle Minnow Streamer       
Tung Tickler BWO Jig Nymph
Money Maker March Brown Mayfly
                   The Cobble Knocker March Brown Nymph       
The Incel Sculpin Streamer
The Girdle Bug Stonefly Nymph
The "M" Lake Special
Junk In Ur' Trunk Skawalla-Aron Larsen
The Gauntlet Tungsten Jig Nymph-Dom Singh
CDC March Brown Emerger-Steve Worley
The Master Splinter Mouse Pattern-Matt Moffatt
Bonefish Worm-Dom Singh
Tailgunner October Caddis-Steve Worley
Skwallabater Skwalla Stonefly Pattern
The Balanced Stonefly Nymph
Dum-Dum Stone
Spaced Out Bob Tungsten Jig Nymph
Bugger Cranefly Pattern
Timbo Cranefly Pattern
Spinning & Packing Deer Hair-Renzetti Hair Packer
Yakima River March Brown Emerger
Ice Wing Streamer-Timbo Irish
30 Seconds Wings & Posts-Timbo Irish

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