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Gear Review #7 July  2007  

 Sage TXL Series Fly Rods

The Sage TXL series offers the ultimate light line rod for fly anglers searching for something out of the ordinary. 


With nine rod models available in the TXL light-rod lineup, ranging from 4 weight down to 000 weight, there is bound to be one that will fit your needs.  All rods are three-piece and range in length from 7’ to 7’10”. 


I recently tried a new 00 weight rod matched with a Sage 3100 reel and found the setup very comfortable and smooth to fish.  I was surprised, even amazed at the distance I could cast too. 

Model Line Length Sections Weight Purchase Price
00710-3 00 7'10" 3 1 7/8 $515.00
0710-3 0 7'10" 3 1 15/16 $515.00
1710-3 1 7'10" 3 2 $520.00
2710-3 2 7'10" 3 2 1/8 $520.00
370-3 3 7'0" 3 1 3/4 $515.00
3710-3 3 7'10" 3 2 1/4 $515.00
470-3 4 7'0" 3 1 13/18 $515.00
4710-3 4 7'10" 3 2 3/8 $525.00

I originally bought the outfit for small stream trout fishing but after collecting 6 months of dust, I couldn’t wait for streams to open.  I headed to one of my favorite bluegill lakes to break in the new rod after hearing they were in the shallows chasing poppers for food. 

Now I know some of you must be wondering if I’m crazing taking an $800+ combo to fish for a panfish when a $40 box store special could do the job.  I must confess the Sage TXL probably didn’t allow me to catch substantially more fish than something of lesser quality.  But the lightness of the rod and reel caused less fatigue and allowed me to fish longer making the whole experience more enjoyable. 

The perfectly balanced combo allowed a 35 foot cast, throwing a small cork body popper to scrappy bluegill and the rod allowed them to show off their under-rated fighting abilities.  A 6 inch ‘gill bent the rod like a 20 inch rainbow accidentally hooked on a 3 weight:  It made ‘gill fishing fun!  With an unlimited lifetime warrantee on all TXL Sage rods, I know it will be around when I want to introduce grandkids to ‘gill fishing for the first time.  The rod will still double as the ultimate small creek rod for trout too.  I can’t wait for creeks to open so I can try it out on trout. 

You are not going to throw 60 foot double haul casts with the 00 weight TXL, but the Generation 5 graphite will allow some of the most accurate and pleasurable casting you’ll ever do.    

Feel free to contact me or any member of the Worley Bugger Fly Co. staff with any questions or comments regarding the Sage TXL series fly rods.