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Over the past several decades, fly fishing has become a popular form of fishing, espeically in the Western United States.  With the vast amount of fabled rivers, streams and stillwater fisheries spread out across the Pacific Northwest, both men and women have taken up the sport of fly fishing. 

Each year, the interest and intrique in catching both freshwater and saltwater species of fish on flies continues to grow.  With that said, the professional staff at Worley Bugger Fly Co, has been educating fly anglers for over two decades on the art of catching fish with flies.


The WBFC Fly Fishing 101, 102 and 103 courses are custom designed and tailored to teach a student the fundamentals of fly fishing.  As each person progresses in the sport, casting errors and techniques can develop and become a deterrent in progressing further.  Many fly fishers that are self taught have developed bad casting habits that need to be identified and corrected.  The "One Hour Tune Up" is designed to do just that.

Over the years, the Professional Guide Staff at WBFC has developed a teaching tool and system that simply introduces fly casting to the beginning fly fishermen.  Our experienced instructors, have the experience and ability to quickly identify specific casting problems that people have acquired during their fly fishing careers.  The one hour tune up will focus on repairing those problems making you a better fly caster and a much better fly fisher. 

The sport of golf and fly fishing originated in the country of Scotland and by design, share many of the same characteristics.  The golf swing and the fly cast are both conducting in a manner of timing, rhythm and accuracy.  When using correct form and timing, the club makes direct connection with the ball and the inertia propels it straight, for several hundred feet across the green.  By correctly casting the fly rod in a straight line, the same principle is expelled. With the same energy, the fly is projected to a very specific place in the same manner as which the golf ball is.  Much like a golf pro works to adjusts and correct a golfers swing, the WBFC Instructors work one on one to correct and identify the same types of errors that fly casters encounter.  The WBFC professional instructors will provide you with the necessary elements and skills, needed to practice and hone your fly casting abilities.

The tune up focuses on straight line casting, line speeds, accuracy and shooting line properly.  Each one of these specific casting categories can be adjusted and tailored to meet the fly casters requirements. The One Hour Tune-Up is recommended to many of our WBFC guiding clientele, especially to those individuals that are new to the sport of fly fishing.  Though it adds an additional cost to the trip, cleints have found that is money well spent. They arrive at the river with the proper knowledge of casting and equipment, shedding hours of instruction that must occur before you can become succesful in catching flsh on flies for the first time.  The One Hour Tune Up can be scheduled prior to your guided fly fishing trip with WBFC.  Simply, inquire about the tune up with a WBFC representative while booking your guided fly fishing trip. 

To schedule a tune up, simply call the pro shop in Ellensburg to arrange a time that is convenient for both the instructor and student.  The Tune-Ups are available seven days a week and can be personalized to meet your specific schedule.  One Hour Tune Ups are conducted from March 1st to October 31st. (weather dependant)

 Learning the knowledge of;


  • Holding The Fly Rod Correctly
  • Identify Casting Problems
  • Correct Form And Techique
  • Straight Line Casting
  • Line Speed
  • Casting Accuracy Line Control
  • Proper Foot Placement
  • Shooting Line



  • Fly Rod-9ft 5 weight
  • Fly Reel
  • Fly Line
  • Leader


The WBFC One Hour Tune Up  is a 1 hour casting class that is designed to improve your skills and ablities with a fly rod and line. 

Price:$60.00 per student.

Deposit: Full payment is due at the time of registration.

Cancelation: Please refer to our cancellation policy and procedures.

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Worley Bugger Fly Co-