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For over two decades, the Worley Bugger Fly Co. in Ellensburg, Washington has offered our products and professional guiding services to the fly fishing public.  During that time, the WBFC has developed thousands of relationships with fly fishermen all over the world.  We have also maintained an incredible following of loyal customers and patrons from around the globe, purchasing products through our website as well as our brick & mortar fly shop.

For that, we say "Thank You!" You have given us the opportunity to pursue our outdoor life style and livelihood, while graciously patronizing our fly fishing establishment in Ellensburg, Washington. We hope its been a pleasant and inviting experience for you. 


Our rewards program is simple to join, cost nothing out of pocket, is straight forward and worth hundreds of dollars in savings to you as a loyal Worley Bugger pro shop customer.  In today's economy, everyone wants to save money and get the best deal on equipment, gear and accessories, when we can afford to do so. 

In today's busy life style, each us works hard to make ends meet and we want the best of what our dollars can buy.  When you spend those dollars at the Worley Bugger Fly Co. they are going to mean something.  With the WBFC Customer Rewards Program your purchases are going to earn you an item of great value in return!  A free guided fly fishing trip on the Yakima River with Worley Bugger Fly Co.



Every purchase you make, every dollar that you spend, earns you a reward point at the Worley Bugger Fly Co.   Each one of these points, will continue to accumulate over any amount of time.  Their is no time limit and your points from year to year continue to accrue.

When you have reached the 3500 point total,  a "FREE" guided trip on the Yakima River with our professional guiding staff is yours.  It's easy to sign up and begin accruing points.  Stop by the pro shop and make a purchase or fill out the form below and submitted it to the WBFC Staff.   You will then be registered with a Customer Rewards number, and that number will be unique to only your purchases.  Your number will be recorded each time you make a purchase and now you are well on your way to accumulating points for the "free" fly fishing trip of your choice.  A total value worth $550.00!

So, whether you spend $5.00 dollars or $500.00 in our pro-shop in Ellensburg, place an internet or phone order, each of those dollars is going to add up quickly.  Your points never expire and there is no fine print to read.  When you have accumulated enough points and successfully reached your reward total, simply call the WBFC Pro Shop.  A member of our staff will confirm your point totals and your reservation for your "Free" guided fly fishing trip on the Yakima River. 

WBFC Customer Rewards

$1.00=1 POINT


WBFC Customer Rewards
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It's easy, takes only a few minutes of your time and its WBFC's way of saying "THANK YOU" for your business.  If you would like to register for our "Rewards Program" online, please fill out all the necessary information below.  Once you have completed the registration process, press the submit button. 


It's easy to redeem your customer rewards with WBFC.  Once your account is established, the WBFC staff maintains an accurate record of every purchase you make. Once you have accumulated the necessary 3500 points needed for our "FREE" Professionally Guided Fly Fishing trip with us, simply call or stop by the proshop in Ellensburg to schedule your day of fishing.  Its that simple.

Reward Points are non transferable as well as the Customer Reward.  The "Free" Guided Fly Fishing Trip is good for a Full Day of fly fishing on the Upper Yakima River.  Feel free to bring a friend, family member or fishing partner to enjoy the day as well!

Worley Bugger Fly Co. once again leads the way in fly shop customer service.  We are the first fly fishing outfitter in the area to offer this exclusive benefits program to our loyal customers.  If your not a customer of Worley Bugger, join today and become one.  We appreciate your business!  What is your local, online shop or big box store where you live doing for you? 

Disclaimer and Guidelines

WBFC, reserves the right to change the program outline and points needed at anytime.  However, this will only be done in accordance with the changes in our Professional Guiding Service policies, procedures and pricing changes.  Customer Reward points can not be shared with other rewards point members.  Once you successfully reach your customer rewards points totals, it is your responsibility to contact WBFC to schedule your free guided fly fishing trip.  You may contact the WBFC Prostaff and inquire about your point totals at any time.  We keep detailed, accurate records.  Your rewards trip once your points totals are reached, may be shared with a friend or family member, however only under the approval of WBFC.  Point totals only accrue on the base total.  Shipping charges, tax and other miscellaneous charges do not count towards point totals.  Guided Fly Fishing trips do not count as point totals.  Only purchases made from the WBFC proshop or website for gear, accessories and other fly fishing goodies.


If you haven't already, register for the WBFC Rewards Program and beginning earning your points towards a "Free" Guided Fly Fishing trip with Central Washington's, most respected and knowledgeable fly fishing guide staff.  Stop by the WBFC Pro-Shop and make a purchase in any amount.  A WBFC Staff member will create an account for you and this will begin your start at earning a "Free" guided fly fishing trip on the Yakima River. Thank you for your business!

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