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Our Professional Yakima River Guide Service, known for it's intimate knowledge of the river and it's wild trout inhabitants, offering several different client packages, one best to suit your needs.


Below are direction links and maps to our fly shop at 306 S. Main #3 in Ellensburg, Washington.   Please call 888-950-FISH if you have difficulty finding us and we will be happy to assist you.


There are a number of different rod manufactures all making fine fly rods.  We have spent the past months testing these rods and below are the company lines we believe in and distribute.


There are numerous fly reel manufactures in the industry today, producing some of the finest reels available.  We believe we carry just these.


There are (3) three distinctive high quality fly line manufactures in the industry.   We are proud to offer all (3) three to you.


We stock a large inventory of high quality fly fishing accessories that any fly fisher will find useful.

  • Brodin
  • (More High Quality Nets Coming Soon!)

"WORLEY-BUGGER FLY CO." stocks only the finest in fly tying materials & tools.  We stand behind all the material that we sell.  If you aren't 100% satisfied, send it back immediately for a exchange or refund.


Nature's Spirit tying materials in our opinion are absolutely the finest available for the fly tyer today.  All materials are preen oil processed.  The tying hair is all uniform and the under-hair is minimal.  All of the dyed products match in exact color for material to material.   We are the only "Online Shop" to offer the complete line of Nature's Spirit materials and we do so proudly.


We offer only the finest in fly tying tools in our shop.  Browse through our large inventory and we think you will agree!


Each month we offer a special fly at membership prices.  You receive a dozen flies that will produce results for you on the river.  Their is no membership fee and no fee to join.  For those of you who don't tie their own flies, take advantage of these great prices on bugs.  Members that continue each month with their membership also receive a special link on "how to fish the bug of the month".  Great tips on how to fish that months bug!  Secure online ordering!


We offer some of the finest built pontoon boats on the market today.  Light, durable, and versatile.


We stock only the finest in quality fly fishing books, video's and c.d. rom's.

In this section you will find useful fly tying tips to improve the quality and speed of your fly tying operation.

Our Fly Pattern Index is currently under construction.   There are however approximately 200 fly patterns and tying directions listed there.   Upon it's completion, the index will house well over 2000 fly's and their tying directions.

Although the Yakima river is my true passion, being born and raised in Western Montana had it's advantages and I return their whenever possible.   I have constructed an extensive section on fly-fishing Montana's more famous rivers.   Here you will find info on hatches, river conditions, flies and even Montana's first rate guide services.


If you are wondering how to shop through our extensive online catalog, click this link.  It will accurately described just how easy, safe and convenient it is to shop through our incredible inventory of high quality fly fishing equipment.  If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact us!




Here is the most up to date and accurate information available on the Yakima river.   This information comes from our Professional Guide Service, which spends almost every-day of the season on the river.  


Here you will find the current Yakima river hatch report.  We constantly monitor the river for current hatches and this is where you will find the most up to date hatch report on the Yakima river.


This link will provide you with the current flows (cfs) and current water temperature of the Yakima river.  The (cfs) graphs are posted here from different gauging stations positioned on the river.  If their doesn't happen to be a current report or current graphs, there is a direct link to the gauging stations


In this section you will find "public reports" submitted by anglers from their favorite rivers.


This hyperlink provides you with the most current (cfs) graphs for the Yakima river and it's reservoirs.


Here is the current weather report from (NOAA) for the Kittitas Valley.  Their are also links to satellites, local Doppler's, and the mountain pass reports.


This section contains photo's of clients from the "WORLEY-BUGGER FLY CO." Professional Guide Service 1998 fishing season on the Yakima river.


This map was used with permission from Frank Amato Publications and was taken from the Yakima River Journal.


The Insect Identification section was designed around insect hatches from the Yakima river, but can be used as a guide for most western rivers.  There is also a "Hatch Chart" for seasonal insect hatches on the Yakima river.


The Yakima river has special regulations imposed on it's fishery and an angler should know the Washington State fishing regulations before entering the water.  Here you will find these regulations as well as the state wide fresh water rules.


This map was designed and used with permission from the "Canyon Corridor Safety Project"


This section contains photo's of clients from the "WORLEY-BUGGER FLY CO." Professional Guide Service 1997 fishing season on the Yakima river.  The "97" season was shorter due to extreme flooding.


This section contains the Yakima river boat launch distances.  The distance is figured in river miles.


Since the Yakima river is dam controlled, reservoir information can vital.  Here you will find all the latest reservoir information for the Yakima river.


Here is a detailed map of the Washington River Basin system.


Here you will find important links to the Yakima river water system.


This is a link to some of the better known fly-fishing lakes in Eastern Washington.   If you like lake fishing, we recommend you try them.


In this section you will find reports on Rocky Ford Creek.  I try to update this as much as I can, but sometimes don't hear much about what is going on over there.   It is a spring creek fishery and the water temperature remains about the same year round, so not much changes, except the insect hatches from month to month.  There are also links to Rocky Ford Creek maps as well.


For those of you who may not know us, we are a LOCAL pro shop and guide service in Ellensburg, Washington, the heart of the Yakima river.   Above is the link to a map of Ellensburg and the surrounding area


This is a link to the finer motel/hotel accommodations here in Ellensburg.  If you are a client of "WORLEY-BUGGER FLY CO.", discounted rates are available at some of the finer establishments.




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