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Ross CLA Fly Reel

For those anglers looking for a durable, high performance large arbor reel that retails for less than $200.00, Ross and Worley Bugger Fly Co. are pleased to introduce the Cimarron Large Arbor (CLA) series.
The CLA is manufactured in the USA at the Ross facility in Montrose, CO. As is true with Ross' most recent product introductions, the CLA is a large arbor series of reels that has variable widths across the full series of sizes to maximize the benefits of large arbor technology.
The CLA series carries the name of one of Ross' oldest, and most popular series, however the CLA is a departure from the original Cimarron design. It incorporates Ross' newest generation drag mechanism that is incredibly smooth, heat resistant and provides a level of stopping power not typically found in a moderately priced fly reel.
Because the Cimarron series has provided anglers with flawless performance for more than two decades, the bar was set incredibly high for any new product introduced at a similar price.
Ross has answered the call by introducing a series that matches the Cimarron in durability and affordable price, but offers a stronger drag, more pleasant sound, large arbor configuration, innovative conversion mechanism and additional features that anglers have come to expect with modern fly reel design.
Guides and hardcore anglers alike will appreciate the series incredible durability, reliable performance and sensitive drag. The CLA sets a new standard for what anglers should expect from an American made, high-quality, reasonably priced reel.

Colors Available-Please Specify When Ordering

Black Copper Slate Grey

Ross CLA Fly Reel Specs.

  • Strong, smooth and sensitive disc drag system
  • Friction based DelrinŽ drag material that is impervious to heat, compression, glazing, aging and crumbling
  • Fully ventilated, perfectly balanced spool and frame
  • Perfect ratio of spool width to arbor diameter that provides all the benefits of large arbor technology
  • Pleasant incoming and outgoing click
  • Seamless transition between line-in and drag engagement (no start-up friction)
Model Diameter Weight Rod Wt Reel Cost Spool Cost C.R. Points
ross reels 3.0" 4.2 oz 2-4 $165.00 $86.00 165-86
ross reels 3.125" 4.4 oz 3-5 $175.00 $92.00 175-92
ross reels 3.25" 4.7 oz 4-6 $185.00 $96.00 185-96
ross reels 3.50" 5.4 oz 5-7 $195.00 $100.00 196-100
ross reels 3.75" 7.6 oz 7-9 $230.00 $120.00 230-120
ross reels 4.0" 8.1 oz 8-10 $250.00 $130.00 250-130
ross reels 4.25" 9.0 oz 10-12 $270.00 $140.00 270-140
ross reels 4.50" 9.7 oz 11-13 $290.00 $150.00 290-150


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