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Nautilus Feather Weight + Fly Reel

New in 2006, these larger capacity Nautilus FW Plus reels were designed to offer increased versatility for the FW series of reels. Whether you wish to house one of today’s specialty lines or whether you simply want to fish an even lighter reel for your newest fly rod, these reels are the answer.
Compact Lightweight Reels
Pairing the Nautilus FW 3Plus reel with a WF5 line will give you a more compact 5 weight setup, yielding increased backing capacity and reduced weight. These reels are ideal for the fly fisher who is looking for a more compact package, whether driven by need for added versatility or just personal preference.
Tactical Requirements
If all you are looking for is additional backing capacity to challenge a bonefish on a 5 weight rod or an Albacore off the beach on your 7 weight schoolie striper rod, the Feather Weight Plus series is for you.  For example, the Nautilus FW 5Plus Reel will hold a WF5 line with 200 yards of 20 lb of backing, whereas the FW 7Plus will accommodate 235 yards of 20 lb backing when paired with a WF 7 line.
The Nautilus FW Plus reels were designed to offer an increased range for either backing or line weight allowing you to pair more rods or fishing conditions to your Nautilus FW series of reels. FW Plus spools can be interchanged with regular FW spools for added versatility, allowing you to convert your existing FW 3, 5 or 7 to a FW Plus series.
All Feather Weight reels feature quick release spools and are anodized in black or titanium* and can be mixed in matched in colors.  This is a special orders in most cases.  Please allow an additional 7-10 days for delivery

Nautilus Reel Specs     

Model Diameter Weight Rod Wt Reel Cost Spool Cost C.R. Points
FW+-#3 3.25"

4.0 oz

2-3-4 $290.00 $125.00 290-125
FW+-#5 3.50" 4.2 oz 5-6 $320.00 $145.00 320-145
FW+-#7 3.75" 4.5 oz 6-7-8 $350.00 $165.00 335-165


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