Nathan Schepker-Professional Fly Fishing Guide & Staff Member

Like many transplants to the Ellensburg area, Nathan grew up in the southern suburbs of Seattle in the rural area's, where life still showed a slower pace.  Nathan credit's his father for the introuduction to fishing and during their time's together, spent days in the Puget Sound and many of the local stillwater impoundments fishing for Salmon and trout.

Here, like many do, Nathan formed a love for fishing and began to learn the true intricacies that the sport requires of someone who participates.  Patience, understanding of the fish and the responsibilities of being in the outdoors is what is instilled in a young person, when their introductions to fishing are first experienced.  It embeds in a person and most of us find a true connection to what is ingrained in our DNA from eons ago.  It's that derivative in our blood that forms and the need to on a river is a constant pulling at our identity.


After graduating high school, Nathan ventured over the Cascade Mountain Range to the Kittitas Valley to expand his knowledge and begin a career path.  During this time, he studied at Central Washington University and like many young students do, discovered a beautiful, trout stream flowing directly through the town of Ellensburg.   Nathan, quickly appropriated the necessary fly fishing gear and steadily became intrinched in the sport.  The distractions of a "Blue Ribbon" trout stream were a constant trial of his restrain, however after four years, Nathan aquired his bacholer degree from the universary in Enviromental Studies.  He is hoping one day to work in outdoor law enforecement.

During that time, Nathan learned by trail and error, just like many due and quickly formed a love a fair with the Yakima.  He honed his guiding skills by teaching many of the his former students and friends the fine art of casting and catching fish on flies.  They seem to be the perfect guinea pigs for a young and up-and-coming fly fishing guide at the Worley Bugger.  Here, he honed his skills needed for a career in guiding and introduced many new young people to the beautiful sport of fly fishing.

Nathan is a fine young man full of energy and passion for fly fishing.  He excells in helping other succed and enjoys teaching others the beauty of flyfishing.



I am confident in saying you will find fishing with Nathan to be a fun and rewarding experience and most likely you will become a welcome site in his boat on a yearly basis. If you would like to fish with Nathan for the day, please make that request when booking your guided trip with us. The majority of our guiding business is from repeat customers that return to fish with us every new season. We look forward to seeing you.  Steve Worley-Owner-WBFC 


1713 South Canyon Road
Ellensburg, WA 98926