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Many factors determine the vulnerability of the trout during a hatch on a river, lake or stream.  Among the most discussed are exact size and color of the natural insects.  Other criteria to consider are presentation, masking human odors, and the use of natural materials.

At Nature's Spirit, they have taken as many of the above aspects as possible and incorporated them into the finest materials available. The Nature's Spirit product line was designed to protect the environment and to insure future generations have the opportunity to experience fly fishing.

Nature's Spirits reputation for quality is built upon the many years of experience as professional fly tyers as well as the time and effort placed into hand selecting each and every product.
The foundation of the company is the Fine Natural Dubbing which has been dyed by experts to specifically duplicate all major and minor insect colors. The fine fleece is carded several times and processed with natural preen gland oil. It is then cured for several days.
All of the bleaching and most of the dying is done in house.  The dye formulas that are used for exact color matches are coordinated between products such as the Natures Spirit dubbings, CDC, biots and marabou, so the fly tyer can use the combination of materials to produce realistic hatch matching patterns.  The results are very profound. The product has a life like luster, a neutral buoyancy, and ultimately is one of the easiest fibers to dub into a sculptured body.
We have added more Nature's Spirit products to the pro shop in 2011 become the largest supplier of Natures Spirit products.  They will become available to the site over the next couple of weeks.

The formulas used by Nature's Spirit for exact color matches are then coordinated into other products such as goose and turkey biots, marabou and Cul de Canard.  There concept is to color coordinate through the line where a combination of materials can be used to produce a realistic pattern. 
The complete line of Nature's Spirit products are processed with preen gland oil to give them luster, renewed life and human scent masking characteristics.  All of Nature's Spirit's colors are consistent and will be the same with any of the dyed materials that you purchase.
Every fly fishermen has experienced times when our presentation was careless and we did not have a hatch matching fly, and still had a take.  These are few and far between.  What Nature's Spirit has achieved is the need to give the fly fishing consumer materials that have addressed the concerns of the most discriminating fly fishermen. 
At Nature's Spirit, the feeling is if you are offering the best possible imitation in color and size to a pod of fish working on PMD's on the Missouri River or Hendrickson's on the Catskills, your presentation and confidence will be heightened knowing your realistic imitation has been created with the finest natural materials available.  And ultimately your percentages of fishing pleasure will increase accordingly.
The staff at "Worley-Bugger Fly Co." guarantee's you will be delighted with Nature's Spirit materials.  If you are interested in seeing a specific color of the Nature's Spirit products, there are pictures of all of the dubbing colors that are offered.  
Here are what other professional fly tyer's are saying about the Nature's Spirit product line.

Worley Bugger Fly Co 

Nature's Spirit has been honored with the prestigious "Kudos Award" from Fly Rod & Reel Magazine.

The only fly tying materials company ever to receive such an honor.  Congratulations Nature's Spirit.

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