The Salmon Fly
The Pteronarcys californica also known as the Salmon Fly, hatches on the Yakima river thought-out the monthA May Yakima River Salmon Fly of May. 

The hatch of these giant stoneflies is very short-lived, last only a few short weeks, but the Yakima trout are well aware of there presence. 

I have been around the Salmon Fly hatch my entire life, growing up fishing the famous Montana river, the Big Hole.   It is well known for it's hatch of Salmon Flies and anglers from all around the country flock to this incredible river every year hoping for a chance to fish this great hatch.

Weather & water conditions have a great deal of importance on the hatch.  The great thing about our hatch on the Yakima is the river is reservoir controlled, the Big Hole is not.  The spring run-off determines the nature of this hatch.

We usually see the hatch begin on the lower Yakima below and it works it's way up river quickly. 

If you happen to time it right and keep your eye out you will see these clumsy insect trying to fly over the water.  Most don't last long.   The Swallows and Robin's are well aware of there presence as well and take advantage of this big feast.

The Yakima River Salmon Fly NymphThe nymphs migration to the shores every year keep the trout on full alert.  Like other stoneflies they crawl out of the water at night and shed there shuck on-shore.  Here they gather among the brush for several days before returning to deposit the next generation of Salmon Flies.  Fishing the nymph stage of this hatch is sometimes more productive.

A #6-8 Bitch Creek or Pepperoni works great to imitate thee nymphal stage of the Salmon Fly.  At times trout will refuse an adult pattern just to sink there jaws into a nymph.  Wolly Buggers in the appropriate colors work to imitate the nymph as well.

Yakima River Salmon Fly Nymph Video Footage

Yakima River Salmon Fly Adult Video Footage



Order Family Genus Species Body Color Wing Color Emergence

Salmon Fly

Plecoptera Pteronarcyidae Peteronarcys Californica Blk/Orange Gray Evenings



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