The Yakima River October Caddis
One of the best fall hatches on the Yakima river and probably one of the most productive. That is a bold statement when talking about insect hatches on this fine river.  These giant caddis-flies start to show there presence as soon as late August on many sections of the river.  The largest population use to reside in the upper Yakima river, but now they are abundant on all area's of the river.
The hatch of October Caddis usually emerge just before the fall flows on the Yakima begin.  Once the river has reached it's fall water flow, somewhere between 900cfs and 1200 cfs, the hatch starts to really take off and fall fishing becomes very exciting.

October Caddis CasingVery seldom to the Yakima trout feed on the adult stages of this insect.  The October Caddis, Fall Caddis or Halloween Caddis as some like to call it, are very active and once they have emerged from their cocoon shuck their violent splashes among the top of the water happen almost to quickly for the trout to respond.

However, the October Caddis is highly vulnerable during it's time of emergence.  Upon chewing it's way out of it's shuck (right) the The Yakima River October Caddis Pupa!pupa emerges (bottom left) to the surface and are picked off one by one by the trout at this time. 

For some reason I have yet to figure out the trout deviate between the adult and pupa stages of the insect. Casting big dries during a fall day on the Yakima will provide anglers with some of the best dry fly fishing of the year.

The hatch will begin early at dawn and just before dusk. You may see a few hatch through-out the day.   Walking along the banks of the Yakima in the fall, an angler will see the hundreds of October Caddis casing along the shore.  Casting a big October Caddis imitation or your favorite October Caddis pattern, will attract some very large and hungry fish.

Skating or twitching the pattern on the surface will at times be the key provoking a violent strike.   A strong tippet is essential when fishing this hatch.
The hatch of October Caddis may last well into November depending on how fast the temperatures drop here in the Kittitas valley.  If you are planning a trip to the Yakima River, fall is one of the best times for big fish on big dries.


Order Family Genus Species Body Color Wing Color Emergence

October Caddis

TRICHOPTERA Limnephilidae Dicosmoecus Atripes Orange Molted Gray Afternoon/Evening



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