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The Bug Of The Month Club is a monthly fly club designed exclusively by the staff of Worley Bugger Fly Co and offers each member a dozen high quality, pro shop flies each month.  A new and exciting selection will be chosen each month and will try to target specific aquatic insect hatches that will occur within that time period.  These high quality flies are offered at a special rate for members only.  You may join at any time and cancel at anytime.  Their is no obligation from month to month.  Their is also no joining fee.  The price per month will differ depending on fly and fly assortments.
Here's how it works:
When you join the club, you will be asked to submit your personal information including your email address, shipping address and credit card information.  Your personal information is supplied to us over a secure shopping cart system.  By joining the club, you give Worley Bugger Fly Co. the permission to use this information for club purchasing each month.  If at anytime you need to update your personal information, feel free to contact us toll free to do so (credit card, email address, shipping information, etc).  We store this information safely at the pro shop in Ellensburg, Washington and use it each month to contact you as well as supply payment to us for the months selection.
Each member that joins, will receive a email from the WBFC staff around the first of each new month.  The email will inform you that the months selection is now available for viewing and purchase.  A special URL (link) will be included in the email that will direct you to the "members only section" of our web site.
Within the members section you can view the new "bug of the month" and decide if you would like to purchase the selected flies. The members section also contains valuable paragraph descriptions of each set of flies and how you may find them useful to fish.
If you would like to purchase the particular month's selection, simply fill out the necessary information supplied on the "members only" form provided below the selection information.  Here, you will order the months selection and also be able to take advantage of other special offers that we have available during the month.  You may also order any previous months that you may have missed during the year.  Simply click the button when you have filled out the selected information and we will process your order.

(All email addresses are kept strictly confidential and are not given out to anyone!)

In addition, any member that consecutively orders the "Bug Of The Month" for (6) straight months will receive half off their bugs for the (7) seventh month.  Any member that orders the "Bug Of The Month" for a full (11) eleven months, will receive the (12) twelfth month "free".

"BUG OF THE MONTH"-December 2009

Upright Calliabaetis Disco Midge-Pearl Dead Scud Burkes Damsel
We have had repeated requests from members for a selection of flies that would work well at Rocky Ford Creek throughout the year. 
So for the month of December, we have chosen a great selection of dries and nymphs that will work well at this Central Washington desert spring creek.  This selection will also be great cross over patterns for many of the lakes you fish during the spring and early summer months. Receive (3) of each pattern listed above.


Joining the "Bug Of The Month Club" is quick, simple and secure.  To join click the "" button below.  This link will take you into the secure ordering section of our website.
You then will be prompted for the quantities of bugs and also confirm your bug of the month order.  Members can order as many dozen as they would like from month to month.
Once your quantity is inserted, click the "add to cart" button and your shopping cart is now loaded.  Feel free to continue shopping or browsing through our website or if you are ready click the "check out" button.

Fill in the appropriate billing information and hit "next step"  This will take you to your online invoice.  You can print the invoice and keep it for your records.  Another invoice with accompany your order as well.  We will receive the order securely and begin process your request here at the pro-shop in Ellensburg, Washington.
You will be added to the club membership and receive our special link to the member section of the website from month to month.  Please make sure that your email address is correct when ordering.  If your email address changes at any time and you would like to continue receiving the special members link, please contact us with the new address.
 "BUG OF THE MONTH CLUB" Membership Joining Instructions:
  • To Join the "BUG OF THE MONTH CLUB" click the "add to cart" button at the bottom of the page
  • Enter the quantity you would like.  Flies are sold by the dozen.  Additional dozens are always available to you.
  • Click the "add to chart" button 
  • To check out, click the link at the top of the page/View Cart
  • Fill out the billing information and click "next step"
  • Print your invoice or keep the one that will accompany your purchase
  • Your information will be recorded securely in our database and your bugs will be sent to the address you indicated.  The credit card you submitted will be charged every month, however not until YOU confirm the month purchase.



A Professional Fly Fishing Outfitter Service

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 BOTM PRICE:$19.95
 SALES TAX: $1.60 (wa only)
 SHIPPING: $2.00
 TOTAL: $23.55 = 24 C.R. POINTS
 COST: $1.65 per fly

 PRO SHOP PRICE: $2.95 each



Members that order the "Bug Of The Month" for (6) consecutively months will receive half off (1/2) their bug of the month for the (7) seventh month. 

Members that order the "Bug Of The Month" for a full consecutively (11) eleven months, will receive the (12) twelfth month "free".



Each month every purchase you make will be automatically entered in the Worley Bugger "Customer Rewards Program"  

Each month you will earn pro shop points towards a "free" Worley Bugger Fly Co. Fly Fishing Professionally Guided Tour.

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