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Gear Review #2-September 2006


Over 30 years ago, the Scott Fly Rod Company first introduced to the fly fishing public its “G” Series fly rods.  Over that time, the Powerply G Series became a popular cult fishing tool used by technical trout aficionados all over the world.  The superb, soft action of this powerful precision fishing tool has landed countless numbers of trout and protected more fine tippets than any in its class.  The ultimate in old school composite graphite!


I was first introduced to the G series fly rods over ten years ago.  After fishing one of the G models just a few shorts minutes during a caddis feeding frenzy, I was instantly hooked.  It fit my casting style to a “T” like no other rod I had previously fished.  Where had this rod been all my life?  The “G” 8 ft - 8 inch – series became an incredible fishing tool in my hand as I weld it.  The soft, forgiving tip action combined with the smooth, powerful casting stroke drove flies to their target with incredible accuracy.  It was truly a joy to fish with.  I soon purchased several models to accommodate the distinct styles of fishing we do throughout the year here in Central Washington.   They traveled with me whenever I fished.


After three decades of production, the Scott G series rod template was laid to rest at the factory in Montrose, Colorado.  This year, its predecessor was introduced to the fly fishing public…the G2.



Late last Fall when I first heard about the demise of the Powerply and the decision to introduce a new model under the same name, I was fairly skeptical about it.   My thinking; how could Scott ever complement or improve on the G rod?  Well, after a tweak here and a tweak their they have done the unthinkable.  Scott under took the challenge and quite simply improved on a fly rod that had been in their production line for over 30 years.  Wow.



The new G2 still has that distinct natural finish that is distinguishable G Series.  When you see it…you know it.  The beautiful wood burl reel seat with the Scott logo engraved and imbedded in the butt end, sets off the style and look of the G2 rod.  The rod is available in 4 piece sections only and each series of rods weighs less than 3 ounces.  The hand made internal hollow ferrule design of which Scott is famous for connects each piece of the fly rod and adds to the contour, design and flex of the rod.  However, probably the most important new feature is the incredible feel and performance that is quickly noticeable after just a few casts of line through this new tool.  More power resins distributed through the lower portions of the G2 contributes to the overall success of this new G successor.



The cult followers and trout brethren of the G Series won’t be disappointed in the new G2.  The slower tip speed renowned in the G still exist in the new G2, crafting protection for light tippets while fighting large size fish. The noticeable enhancement with this new series is more directed power during each casting stroke, especially when casting bigger, less aero dynamic flies.  The pinpoint accuracy this rod is famous for delivers flies to the precise spot time after time.   Another landmark in fly rod design for the Scott Fly Rod Company!


More Scott G2 Info

If you’re a follower of the Powerply G Series or just looking to set up your game, I would suggest casting the G series to anyone.  This rod of course isn’t for everyone.  That may be just one of the elements that has kept this fly rod alive for so long.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding the new G2 Series Fly Rod.