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Gear Review #4-December 2006

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I wet-wade whenever possible which negates the need for waders for much of the stream fishing season.  However, when late fall and winter roll around, you have to have a pair of waders. 

For years, I used the cheap $50 neoprene waders and went through a pair every couple of years (along with several tubes of Aquaseal).  Last year I purchased my first pair of breathable waders, which were the Simms G3 stocking foot waders.  I have come to appreciate them as a necessity for cold-water fishing. 
There are four features that I look for in a pair of waders: fit and comfort, durability, and price.  I also appreciate the extra intangible features in a pair of waders, of which the G3ís are loaded.

Fit and Comfort

The G3ís are available in 17 different sizes for men and 8 for women.  If you canít find the correct size to fit you, consider the Simms Custom Shop which is another benefit of selecting a pair of Simms waders; every pair are proudly made and tested in Bozeman, Montana.  Made by American fishermen for American fishermen.  Call the Worley Bugger pro shop for custom fit availability.

The comfort features of G3ís are numerous.  Consider the articulated knee and anatomically correct feet as starters.  Both features improve mobility and comfort.  The fleece-lined hand-warmer pocket is very handy when your hands need a few minutes out of the wind before the next cast.  And finally letís not forget the Gore-tex fabric for breath-ability. 

Not knowing any better, I was content for years wearing clammy, smelly neoprene waders.  I had no idea you could be so comfortable wearing breathables.  There are 3 Gore-tex layers throughout these waders, with the exception of high-use areas such as the knees and back seat.  Simms conveniently added two additional layers for extra durability.  Unlike other waders, Iíve never had the G3 neoprene bootie bunch up inside my wading boot either.  This helps with comfort when walking long distances and keeps good circulation for the feet in cold weather.

Simms G3 Wader

$449.95 (Please specify size when ordering)

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Although I have only used my G3ís about 10 times, I have put them through vary rigorous conditions such as steelhead trips on the Klickitat and Methow rivers, Wenatchee river whitefishing, and Yakima river trout.  Often these fishing trips experienced weather where the mercury didnít make it out of the teens.  Ice, mud and snow didnít slow them down.

I expect to get 150 trips or more out of these waders.  If you divide the $425 price by the number of trips, you pay less than $3 per trip.  When you consider all the other expenses associated with going fishing, I feel that is a small price to pay for all-day comfort.  It allows you to concentrate on fishing rather than inclement weather, which in turn allows you to fish longer, catch more fish, and generally have a better outdoor experience . 

Extra Features, Intangibles, and Price

There are some bonus features associated with G3 waders that arenít necessarily needed, but become pretty convenient when fishing.  Ever forget your gravel guards at home?  If you have (like me) no worries since there is a pair built right in.  Need a handy place to keep tippet, indicators, or keys?  Try the flip-out pocket for carrying small items while fishing.  Still not enough pockets?  You can use the hand-warmer pocket with a Velcro enclosure for one more place you can store (and lose) stuff.

What about customer service and warranty?  Simms stands behind every product they make, for the life of that product.  Even if the repair is your fault, Simms will cover the costs within the first year of purchase.  Since the manufacturing facility is located in Southwest Montana, repairing your wader in a timely fashion is also a consideration, especially after the first year of product use has expired.  Having the availability to repair your wader instead of purchasing a new pair is also a very important factor when looking at initial cost and purchase.  Every time I have dealt with Simms, I felt they were genuinely concerned for my satisfaction.

One final thought on the issue of comfort vs. durability.  A company could make a wader that never leaks but trust me you wouldn't want to wear it.  That same company could make a wader that is very lightweight, but most likely it won't last too long without leaking.  The key is combining the right materials in the right proportions that leads to as little compromise in comfort and durability.  Simms has done just that and more with the G3 stocking foot breathable waders.

Feel free to contact me or any member of the Worley Bugger Fly Co. staff with any questions or comments regarding the Simms G3 wader.

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