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Gear Review #1-August 2006

The Gear Review item I have chosen this week is the Blue River Chest-Hip Pack made by Fishpond.
This little pack has it all!  The durability, price point and the ton of friendly features this pack delivers makes it a true fly fishing bargain.

I bought my Blue River Pack in January of this year and have put it through the rigors of everyday use.

This pack has been frozen in the months of January and February.  Rained on during the spring and then been exposed to the brutal Central Washington sun shine for days on end throughout the summer. It has been wet and dry, buckled and un-buckled many, many times.


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The design of this pack is very simple and straight forward and very well thought out. It has numerous pockets for storage of different sized items. I personally use the C&F fly boxes to store my flies. The main compartment on the Blue Creek Pack is large enough to fit 2 of these large water proof boxes or 4 smaller C & F boxes.


There is also a “Fly Bench” compartment located in the front of the pack. This allows a place to dry your flies’ with-out losing them with quick and easy access with a strong, durable zipper. Inside this compartment there are also two more zipper pockets to store leaders, tippet, or any other necessity you may need during the day.


Located on the front of the pack is one small pocket which is covered by a strong, durable flap that contains a small zipper pocket just right for your fishing license and wallet.


This pack doesn’t stop with the compartment storage. It has attachment climbing cord loops placed on the top and bottom.   It even has an attachment for your landing net.


The Blue Creek Pack can be worn as a hip or chest pack.  It can also be easily slung over your shoulder and hung on the side out of the way of our casting strokes. It is available in three colors schemes…Khaki/Steel blue, Khaki/Crimson or Khaki/Sage green.


The Blue Creek Chest-Hip Pack is perfect for a wide range of fly fishermen.  Fishpond delivers with unbeatable durability, practicality and a full life time warranty against manufacturer defects. I recommend this pack to all of our customers at Worley Bugger looking to minimize the weight of a cumbersome vest and step up to a fully functional chest pack for under $70.00 dollars.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding the Blue Creek Chest Pack.