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Gear Review #5-January 2007  


I would like to present to you a great small stream dry fly rod.  Introducing the Scott “Fibertouch” F601/3 which is a six foot rod rated for a one thru four weight fly line.


This unique, four model fly rod collection is manufactured to exacting specification on a three piece rod blank. Unlike the majority of fly rods of today’s generation, this series is not built on a graphite shaft, but rather Scott has chosen a whole different material altogether:  fiberglass

This certainly isn’t a new material as it was the most common material before graphite became commonplace in the manufacturing process of today's high modulus composite fly rods.  Why use an outdated material for rod construction? 


Fiberglass exhibits characteristics much closer to split cane or bamboo in that the rod has a much slower action which enables the caster to have better feel and control over line, leader and fly.
Scott characterizes this series as medium slow action and full flex, which allows the angler pin-point accuracy and control. 
Other advantages are the hollow internal ferrule system, arguable the most advanced ferrule connection system available anywhere.   Alignment dots, and natural blank finish complete the look of the fibertouch series. 

One feature I really appreciate is the cork handle which maintains a bit  more of the traditional history by using ring bands rather than contemporary reel seats.  This reduces weight (a surprisingly light 1.7 ounces for this model) and increases aesthetic appearance. 

So what type of fishing application is this rod good for?  To satisfy my cravings I find myself escaping to the smaller, lesser known waters to find some solitude.  In doing so, I often sacrifice fish size for fish quantity and scenery, a tradeoff I’m usually willing to make.  If you are completely enthralled with fishing small streams for wild trout well off the beaten path, this is the rod for you. 

In my opinion, their are few ways to better spend a day than by small stream fishing, chasing native cutthroat trout with size-anything dry flies.  Fortunately we are blessed with this type of water in the Yakima Valley as most of the streams draining from the eastern parts of the Cascade Mountains hold wild trout willing to pounce on a dry fly from June to October.

Is this rod for everyone?  It certainly is not, just like small stream fishing isn’t for everyone.  However, you may soon tire of watching a parade of drift boats pound your favorite western water and realize that sometimes fishing just isn’t about catching numerous numbers of big trout. 

As you look for secret places that satisfy your yearning for catching wild trout in wild places, leave your five weight club at home and grab a rod that is both pleasurable to fish and will allow a 6 inch “trophy” to account for itself…The Scott Fibertouch.  My favorite of the series is the F601-3.
Feel free to contact me or any member of the Worley Bugger Fly Co. staff with any questions or comments regarding the Scott Fibertouch Series of fly rods.

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