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Over the past several decades, fly fishing has become a popular form of fishing, espeically in the Western United States.  With the vast amount of fabled rivers, streams and stillwater fisheries spread out across the Pacific Northwest, both men and women have taken up the sport of fly fishing. 

Each year, the interest and intrique in catching both freshwater and saltwater species of fish on flies continues to grow.  With that said, the professional staff at Worley Bugger Fly Co, has been educating fly anglers for over two decades on the art of catching fish with flies.

Yakima 365 Fly Tying Class

The Yakima River is Washington State's premier, blue ribbon trout stream.  With over 80 miles of access to the upper watershed and it's incredible trout fishery, this river of many purposes has become renowned, in the fly fishing world as one of the finest trout streams in the west.  Over the course of the year, the Yakima produces amazing and intense hatches of aquatic insects.  Over a nine month period, between the seasons of spring and fall, the river will distribute, a wide variety of aquatic insects. Several varieties and sizes of Stonefly hatches will occur, blizzard Caddisfly blooms will literally coat the river's surface and several species of Mayfly emergences will happen. Throughout the summer months, non aquatic insects in a plefora of colors and sizes flourish along the high, green grass banks of the Yakima.  Terrestrial insects such as Grasshoppers, ants and beetles, present an variety of unique casting challenages to the fishermen, during this time frame.

In the months of September and October, Craneflies, brightly colored Caddisflies and tiny mayflies make their seasonal appearences. With these abundant insect proliferations throughout the season, a Yakima River Fly Fishermen must recognize and correctly identify the aquatic insect hatches and the fly patterns required to "match the hatch" on this well known "temperamental" waterway. 

As a fly fishermen, you will be challenged in varying degrees. Some seasons are easier to figure out then others.  The time when insect hatches are scare, trout are far less picky about what they eat. The opportunity to feed, subjugates their inhibitions, especially in large fish, unlike instances when multiple insect are hatching and you can't correctly coordinate the exact form and feed.  The river challenges of course, get more strategic as the season turns from winter to spring, from spring to summer and from summer to fall.  As more food sources become available, trout will tactically feed on a particular stage of the aquatic insects.  Being able to distinguish these feeding acts is where time and experience on the water, pays in dividend$.

Fishing with flies is the art and act of matching the exacting food organism that any freshwater or saltwater fish will forage on during it life cycle.  Knowing these foods and the fly patterns that replicate them in fly form is the one of the keys to unlocking success on the water. The "Yakima 365" fly tying class was designed by the Professional Fly Fishing staff at WBFC. This tying and informational class will provide you with 7 sessions of detailed information, that we have complied over two decades of time spent fly fishing the Yakima River. During the seven course sessions, you will learn the fly patterns used throughout the year and how to tie them.  We will also cover the how and why, these patterns are useful and the proper use for them.  Discussions on proper techniques and the approaches to successfully fish the Yakima River on a 365 year basis.

The Yakima River 365 Fly Tying Class is held at the WBFC Proshop in Ellensburg.  Each session is two hours in length.  Because of the pace of this class, you must be an intermediate to advanced fly tier. This class is not recommended for the beginning tier.  Please refer to our Fly Tying 101 Course for assistance here.  Because of the limited seating capacity for this class, full payment in advance is required to reserve your seat.  You are responsible to arrive at each session promptly. This class requires a tremendous amount of preparation time by the instructors. Cancellations or failure to appear for the class will not result in any refunds or credits.  Sorry no expectations.

Yakima River 365 Tying Class

Session 1: Details And Discussions On-

  • River Transitions

  • Finding Fish In Winter Water

  • Winter Trout Foods And Why?

  • Tying Stonefly Nymphs

  • Tying Aquatic Worms

  • Tying Egg Patterns

Session 2: Details And Discussions On-

  • River Transitions

  • Finding Fish In Early Spring

  • Early Spring Trout Foods And Why?

  • Skwala Stonefly Dries

  • Sculpin Patterns


Session 3: Details And Discussions On-

  • River Transitions

  • Finding Fish In Winter Water

  • Late Spring Trout Foods And Why?

  • Tying March Brown Patterns

  • Tying Blue Wing Olive Patterns


Session 4: Details And Discussions On-

  • River Transitions

  • Finding Fish In Early Summer

  • Early Summer Trout Foods And Why?

  • Tying Caddisflies

  • Scuplpin Patterns


Session 5: Details And Discussions On-

  • River Transitions

  • Finding Fish In Summer Water

  • Summer Trout Foods And Why?

  • Tying Pale Morning Dun Mayflies

  • Tying Golden Stones

  • Tying Attractor Patterns


Session 6: Details And Discussions On-

  • River Transitions

  • Finding Fish In Late Summer

  • Late Summer Trout Foods And Why?

  • Summer Stonefly

  • Hopper Pattern

  • Tungsten Jig Nymph


Session 7: Details And Discussions On-

  • River Transitions

  • Finding Fish In Autumn Water

  • Autumn Trout Foods And Why?

  • Tying Cranefly Patterns

  • Tying October Caddis Patterns

  • Tying Blue Wing Olive Patterns


The Yakima 365 Fly Tying Course is $ per student.

Because of limited seat capacity, full payment is required before the class to hold your seat. 

Payment is no refundable is you fail to miss a class or if you miss any of the session. It is your responsiablity to make each session.  The pace of the class moves along from session to session.

Each Yakima 365 Session is 2 hours in length.

All materials needed for each session are included.  The flies from each session are yours to keep after each class.

A miniumum of 3 tying students is required for the class.  Please contact WBFC for a schedule and capacity per session before you submit payment.

You must have some tying skills for this class.  Intermediate to advanced ablities is required.

Yakima River 365 Fly Tying Class

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