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Over the past several decades, fly fishing has become a popular form of fishing, espeically in the Western United States.  With the vast amount of fabled rivers, streams and stillwater fisheries spread out across the Pacific Northwest, both men and women have taken up the sport of fly fishing. 

Each year, the interest and intrique in catching both freshwater and saltwater species of fish on flies continues to grow.  With that said, the professional staff at Worley Bugger Fly Co, has been educating fly anglers for over two decades on the art of catching fish with flies.


At WFBC, we feel, it is a privilege for us as sportsmen, to live and play here in the Pacific Northwest.  The outdoor lifestyle is intrenched in our every day standard and fly fishing, big Washington rivers is a popular form of recreation for many.  Scattered across the Western United States are some of the most beautiful and fabled fly fishing rivers in the world.  In most instances, in order to access these rivers efficiently and fish them with effectiveness, a boat is required.  Each season, more fishermen are introduced to the sport of fly fishing.  Once they become infused in the sport, the next natural progression for them, is to acquire a drift boat, raft or personal watercraft. 

WBFC Rowing Course And Class

Rivers are a magnificent and wondrous machine, that hold the life blood for fish, fields, farmers and townships across America. They are poetic and flow with incredible beauty, across vast area's of land.  For thousands of years, man has used them to traverse and travel, exploring and opening up new areas to live and thrive. 

Rivers are also heartless, cruel and malevolent in their demeanor.  They answer to know one and their power can only be constrained to a degree, behind massive walls of concrete and steel.  Each year, they swallow up boats and human life with no remorse and no regret.  They require great respect, admiration and reverence to any and all, that dare enter their domain.

Don't Be A Causalty!  Take The WBFC Rowing Course

Unlike stillwater impoundments that are typically broad and flat, big western rivers hold tremendous currents, rollers and swift, fast moving stream flows.  The Yakima River, is notoriously known for it's high volume water releases and for half of the year, this Central Washington River holds vast amount of water.  Each year, drift boats, rafts, canoe's and other personal water craft are swallowed up by the river and unfortunately, so is human life.

Many people don't understand that rowing and maneuvering a boat, is in fact an art in itself.  To do this position, over a long period of the day in adverse conditions at times, requires skill, endurance and energy, as well as years of rowing experience.  Also factor in the ablity to instruct and place fishermen in the exact areas to catch and successful land large fish safely from a moving craft and you have what is known in the fly fishing world as a "Professional Fly Fishing Guide".

Controlling the speed of the boat, avoiding sweepers, rocks, boulder gardens, log jams and other boaters as well as knowing how to anchor your boat safely, is an absolute necessity to understand.  Saftey should and always be your number one concern.  At WBFC, the main priority for our Professional Guide Team, is the safety of our guests and ourselves, whenever we are on the river.  Making it from "Point A" to "Point B" each and every time is a clear objective.  The fun and fishing always comes second.  That is what seperates the professionals from the amateurs.

It is also advisable before heading out with any boat handler, that you question their experience and expertise, especially on our big western rivers.  It is imperative for your peronal safety.  Being in a boat with an inexperienced rower on a river like the Yakima, can turn into a helpless and frightful event.  Things can go from bad to worse very quickly, and a fun filled, fishing day, can turn tragic in the blink of an eye.

The WBFC Rowing Course and Class is designed to give the "first" timer or "new" boat owner, the skills and the knowledge needed to navigate any river safely and efficiently.  In this all day, 8 hour course, you will learn the proper preparations needed to float on any body of water.  Over the course of the day, our expericed, professional guides will teach you the importance of drift boat saftey, river and boat launch equitte as well as how to correctly trim your boat for effictive and effortless rowing.

This course is a must for anyone that has never rowed on moving water!  The expense of the course, your new boat and all of your gear will mean nothing if you put your boat in the drink for the first time. This course and class is held on the Yakima River on a section of river, which will be selected by the guide. The class is available most of the year, but soley dependant on water flow and river conditions.  You can pay for your class online or call the WBFC Pro Shop directly.

 Learning the knowledge of;


  • Boat Safety-Life Vest-Throw Bag
  • Trimming Your New Boat
  • Organize and Weight Distribution
  • Setting Up Your Anchor
  • Backing Up Your Boat
  • Launching Your New Boat
  • Ropes And Tie Off
  • Stationing

 Learning the knowledge of;


  • Boat Launch Equitte
  • River Equitte
  • Avoiding Other Boaters
  • Avoiding Wading Fishermen

 Learning the knowledge of;


  • Rowing
  • Maintaining The Correct Distance
  • Crab Walk
  • Fishing From The Boat
  • Stamina
  • Setting Up The Spot
  • Anchoring And Pulling Away

 Learning the knowledge of;


  • Stick Control
  • Controlling Boat Speed
  • Crossing Currents
  • Avoiding Obstacles
  • View Points
  • Anchoring Safetly
  • Taking Your Boat Out



  • Drift Boat
  • Raft
  • Peronal Water Craft


The WBFC Rowing Course And Class is an 8 hour on the water rowing lesson with a WBFC Professional Guide.  Lunch is not provided. 

Price:$550.00 per day

Deposit: Full payment is due at the time of registration.

Cancelation: Please refer to our cancellation policy and procedures.

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